Design Specs
Design Specs
Design Specs
Your prices are really low, is this legit?
Yes it is!  We pride ourselves on delivering short runs quickly at low prices.  And still providing quality
printing.  After all could we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if customers didn't like our finished

How much is shipping?
Our normal delivery is FedEx Ground and we charge a Flat Rate of $9 regardless of where it is going
and what we are shipping.the order size.   You are probably thinking this pricing is kind of high for
smaller orders and you would be right.  On the other hand it is kind of low for big orders, so the way
to beat the system is to place bigger
orders! Click here for more shipping info.

Can I Pick up my job?
Yes.  Select the Pickup option under the shipping selections.  We are located at 4425 Renaissance Pkwy, Cleveland, OH  44128.

I am a non profit and hoped you would donate the work?
Hey, in this economy aren't we all non-profits! Seriously, we do get a lot of requests to donate work
for some great causes.  Unfortunately, we can't accommodate all these requests.  We should
however be able to save you some money compared to what you are currently paying.  Also, check
back, because we are working on a program that would help non-profits (true non-profits) reduce
their printing costs.

How long will it take before I receive my job?
The date you entered in the order form is the date your order will ship.  If you are shipping to the
Cleveland Area, you should receive your order the following day.  For other shipping locations,
please reference the FedEx Destination map

Can I get a proof?
No and yes. No we don't sell proofs however since we sell in such small quantities, it is more cost
effective to just order the smallest quantity from us.  Instead of a proof, you have an actual finished
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